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We efficiently convert visitors into qualified leads using agile methodology and HubSpot Marketing Hub for sustainable results. Our data-driven strategies, with clear KPIs, ensure precision and measurable success.

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Strategic foundations for lead generation

Our process starts by developing a strategic foundation, precisely analyzing your target group, and identifying effective communication channels. We communicate openly from the start, using plain language and focusing on what matters most. 

Alpha team offers a full range of lead generation services: from implementing tools like HubSpot and working with workflows to automate your processes to creating high-conversion content and placing targeted ads on Social Media and Google.

We use an agile approach and data-driven decisions for long-term collaboration, resulting in a systematic sales process that advances your business and boosts profitability.

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Want to explore HubSpot on your own?

Not a problem! In our 2 hour workshop we explain you how to do customer segmentation, map user journey, power of workflows and how work with basic functionalities of HubSpot Marketing Hub.

Our services

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Customer segmentation

We help you divide a broad target market into distinct groups with shared characteristics. This enables you to customize your marketing, products, and services to meet each segment's specific demands. You will enhance customer interactions, satisfaction, and overall business performance.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation streamlines digital marketing tasks like email campaigns, social media posting, and lead nurturing, saving time and enhancing efficiency in managing customer relationships across the marketing funnel. Let's automate your processes!

User journey

A user journey refers to the path a person takes when interacting with a product or service - from initial awareness through to conversion and beyond. Understanding and optimizing this journey helps businesses create seamless and satisfying experiences that drive engagement and loyalty.

Lead generation

Effective lead generation not only boosts lead quantity but also emphasizes quality, aiming to convert these leads into paying customers. Our strategies include content marketing, email campaigns, social media engagement, and SEO tactics to attract leads and prompt them to share their contact details, all with the help of HubSpot!